Save the Beer!

Clean lines are vitally important to making sure each beer tastes as the brewer inteneds. We clean the lines every two weeks professionally to make sure we can offer the most accurate taste to each beer. Every other Sunday morning a professional line cleaner runs cleaning fluid through all 36 lines, sending the beer in our lines down the drain. In an effort to make sure as much of our precious beer gets into our patrons rather than the drain, we cap our finest beer lines leaving a few servings to be consumed. With this in mind, there is a much higher opportunity that you might kick that beer. If you are that lucky customer, you'll receive what was left in that line, and be given a $1.00 off your next beer. This discount applies to ANY beer on the menu, not just a beer on the Purge the Line list.
For more info, visit: ‚Äčhttps://www.brewersassociation.org/industry-updates/importance-draught-beer-line-cleaning/